It’s Hotter Than Jokes; Let’s Pickup The Hottest One! 

It’s Hotter Than Jokes; Let’s Pickup The Hottest One! Summer is heavenly coming or let’s just say it is here. Heat waves have a big influence on several parts of the globe. The blazing heat is no joke anymore, but the people’s collective heartbreak has navigated them to cling to a key life asset; which is called Humor! Although they may be affected by many things on the inside, we all know that humor can help to appease those burns. We have accumulated a list of the funny ” Hotter Than Jokes” that people are sharing all over the internet. Watch and list out your favorite “It’s Hotter Than Jokes.” 

Best It’s Hotter Than Jokes; One Liner’ 

  • It’s Hotter than Kelvin’s mom out there! 
  • It’s hotter than a horny housewife reading 50 Shades of grey at the magic mike XXL Premium. 
  • It’s Hotter than balls out here, huge! Sweaty balls. 
  • It’s hotter than a jacked-off mountain lion on a hot tin roof. 
  • It’s hotter than 6 fat bitches in a minivan with no AC fighting over a chicken nugget. 
  • It’s hotter than a blister bug in a pepper patch. 
  • It’s hotter than the devil’s taint while he wears a full leather bodysuit in the middle of July in Texas. 
  • It’s hotter than knobs out here. Not very good but it just feels so right to say. 
  • It’s hotter than the new asphalt in August. 
  • Hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock.
  • Hotter than a four-peckered billy goat. 
  • It’s hotter than the Devil’s armpit. 
  • It’s so hot, I’m sweating worse than a nun walking through a cucumber patch. 
  • It’s so hot, sweating like a priest at a little league game. 
  • Sweating like Micheal Jackson at a Mcdonald’s play place. 
  • Hotter than a bully goat with a blow torch. 

It’s Hotter Than Jokes; Let’s Pickup The Hottest One!

  • It’s so hot, the ice cream truck melted. 
  • It is hotter than a sweaty ballsack in Dubai. 
  • It’s hotter than the space between my doubles D’s and beer belly. 
  • It’s hotter than a monkey’s bum. 
  • It’s hotter than a teaspoon in a trap house outside. 
  • He is hotter than a hot-air balloon soaring over the desert. 
  • It’s hotter than 40 hell’s out here, that’s one my mom always used. 
  • It’s so hot, I saw a squirrel putting suntan oil on his nuts. 
  • It’s so hot outside, I just cooked dinner on the sidewalk. I may bake some cookies later. 
  • Wow. It’s hotter than me Outside! 
  • It’s hotter than an oven out there, and I should know. 
  • It’s so hot, the cows are producing evaporating milk. 
  • It’s so hot, Global warming has been replaced by global melting. 
  • It’s so hot, my thermometer is like  “Are you kidding me?” 
  • It’s so hot, Mcdonald’s is frying burgers on parked cars. 
  • It’s so hot out, I saw a chicken lay a fried egg. 
  • It’s so hot, I just saw two trees fighting over a dog. 
  • It’s hotter than the worst outside, the air ironed the wrinkles out of my shirt. 
  • It’s so hot out, I saw a bee take off its yellow jacket. 
  • It’s hotter than a hooker’s door knob on Nickel Night. 
  • If you are hotter than me. Does that mean I am cooler than you? 
  • It’s so hot, my crayons are now watercolours. 
  • It’s so hot, freaks don’t come out at night. 
  • It’s hotter than Satan’s toenails. 
  • It’s hotter than Hell and half of Georgia. 
  • I often use “It’s hotter than Kevin’s mom out there! You don’t have to know Kevin to say it. Just say it. 
  • It’s hotter than a teaspoon in a trap house outside. 
  • He is hotter than a blacksmith’s forge. 
  • It’s hotter than a red-hot branding iron. 
  • She’s hotter than a campfire on a summer night. 


Hope these “It’s Hotter Than Jokes” might help you feel cooler, making your mood pleasant. So share them with your friends and family so that they can also have a cool and child laugh. 

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