Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter

Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter. Italy is known for its art, culture, food, and architecture. Italian Jokes are perfect for a vacation in Italy or to share with Italian friends or family. Whether visiting or a fan of the country, You must read Funny Italian Jokes for a hilarious laugh. As an Italian born and bred,

I have always loved how the Italian sense of humour winds its way through our culture, like noodles around a fork. Italians know how to laugh and keep other people laughing. So, if you are looking for Funny Italian Jokes, you have landed in the right place. These Italian Jokes aim to amuse, not offend or stereotype anyone. So get ready for a hearty serving of Laughter- Italian Style! 

Italian Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO! Questioners’ 

What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe?


Do you know how Italians feel about ghosts?

I’m not Alfredo, no ghost. 

Why do Italians only talk on video chat?

So you can see their hands moving. 

How do you get to destinations in Italy quickly?

Drive Pasta. 

If normal blood has plasma and blood cells, what does Italian blood have?

Marinara Sauce. 

Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter

How do Italians tell their kids to stop messing around?

Don’t be Sicily. 

How do you borrow bicycles in Italy?

Look for a sign that says, “Bicycle Florence.” 

What is the difference between a smart Italian and a Unicorn?

Nothing, they are both fictional characters. 

What do you call an Italian with his hands in his pockets?


How does every Italian joke start?

By looking over your shoulder. 

Why do Italian men have moustaches? 

So that they can look like their mothers. 

Did you hear about the winner of the Italian beauty contest?

Me neither. Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter

What kind of person orders an Italian sub?

An Italian dom. 

Do Deaf people and Italians have anything in common?

Both of them talk with their hands. 

How does an Italian get into an honest business?

Through the skylight. 

Why are Italians good at making coffee?

They are good at expresso themselves. 

Why do tourists always shorten their itinerary in Italy?

They are cannoli and do so much on one vacation. 

How do Italians burn 2,000 calories a day? 

By leaving the lasagna in the oven. 

Why does an Italian have one arm shorter than the other?

A speech impediment. 

How do you describe a pimple in Italian?

A grease fitting. 

Why do Italians love soccer? 

Because halfway through, they get to switch sides. 

What’s the difference between An Italian Grandmother and an elephant? 

Fifty pounds, and a black dress. 

What do you call an extraterrestrial Italian?


Where do pepperonis go on vacation?

The Leaning Tower of Pizza. 

How can you tell when an Italian woman can not cook? 

Her husband goes to the restaurant so much that his table has his initials on the napkins. 

What is the four letter word in Italian for goodbye?

BANG! Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter

Italian Jokes; Humour To Make You Laugh Out Loud! One Liner’ 

  • A piece of ancient Italian art was given to me by my wife. It was Rome Antique. 
  • Italians Don’t have Freckles, they slide right off. 
  • How do Italians go bowling? With a Meat-bowl. 
  • An Italian used to say before a fight, you wanna Pizza me? 
  • Do you know how to silence in Italian? Tie his hands behind his back. 
  • Want to know what the rough parts of Italy are called? The Spaghetto. 
  • I am writing an Opera about pasta in Italian. I hope it’s successful. Otherwise, I may have to rigatoni. 
  • The Italian stood at a slant, they were italy-sized. 
  • Have you heard about the Italian chef? He pasta way. 


Check out the funniest list of Italian jokes, and share this post with the Italian in your life as a token of appreciation. Hopefully you will get fully entertained by these Hilarious Italian Jokes. Funny Italian Jokes; To Give You A Good Laughter

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