Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing! 

Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing! Are you a fan of cute and funny minions? These little creatures are hilariously funny in all ways possible. They never stop surprising us and make us smile. When Minions arrived, they took over the world with their funniest way of tickling. The little yellow guys have amazed me so much that they should give an impressive degree of joy and laughter. So, of course, Minion Jokes came next, as their unskillful yellow fellows have taken over social media.

Some of the best and funny are here to give you giggles and chuckles. Now,  to share some good vibes and enjoy recalling the funniest Minion Jokes, we have compiled this article full of Minion Jokes for Kids You Could Ever Read! Here we go. 

Minion Jokes; That Will Have You Cracking Up! Questioners’ 

What can you call a small Onion? 

A Mini-On. 

What’s another word for a minion? 

A Gru-pie. 

Why couldn’t the minion yell high? 

Because he could only yell low. 

What did a mom minion say to her child on her birthday? 

“You are a minion.” 

Why do Minions like bananas so much? 

Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing

They find them a-peeling. 

What happened to the minions between Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2? 

They Grew-up. 

What did the doctor say to the minion? 

“You have got yellow fever.” 

What type of schools do minions like best? 

Banana Sundae schools. 

What do you call a minion that trips and falls on the grill? 

Fillet minion. 

What’s yellow and always points north? 

A magnetic Minion. 

Why did so many minions fall in love? with the charming banana? 

Because he was a smoothie. 

Why do minions put sunscreen on their bananas? 

To stop them peeling. 

What did the banana say to the Minion? 

Nothing, bananas can not talk! 

When was the Despicable Me film released? 

A Minion years ago. 

Where do minions love to shop? 

Banana Republic. 

Why do minions wear two pairs of pants to the golf course? 

In case they get a hole-in-one. 

What meal would a minion never order in a restaurant? 

Liver and minions. 

What are Cactus’ favourite minion movies? 

Des-prick-able Me. 

Why do Minions spend so much time on the internet? 

Because they love gru-gle searches 

Why did the Minion give Gru two banana skins for his birthday? 

Because he asked for a pair of slippers. 

How do minions travel? 

A yellow submarine. 

Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing

What do minions say when they answer the phone? 


What diet restrictions do Minions have? 

Their food must be Gru-ten-free. 

Why don’t Minions take the elevator? 

They prefer the banana-ster. 

What is a minion that does not have a lot of stuff? 

A Minion-malist. 

What is a ghost minion’s favourite food? 


Why was the minion so ill? 

He had yellow fever. 

What movie do minions love to go see in the Cinema? 

Minion Impossible. Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing

What did the Minion get when he ordered from Starbucks? 

Despicable Tea. 

What’s a minion’s favourite sci-fi film? 

Minion in Black. 

What animal does a minion like the most? 

Sheep, because it goes baaa-nanas. 

What did Minions always dread in school? 

The Gru-p project. 

Minion Jokes; That Are Hilariously Funny! One Liner’

  • Banana is the fruit with the most a-peel to Minions. 
  • Minions refuse to watch horror films, they find them too Gru-some. 
  • Minions do most of their shopping on Gru-pon.
  • I have done some terrible things for money. Like getting up early to go to work on a minion day. 
  • Have you heard about the second favourite song of Minions? It is a “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. 
  • I used to dislike the Minions, but they Gru on me. 
  • I saw a minion who was water-skiing a banana boat. 
  • The dentist advised the minions to brush their teeth and gru-gle. 


Get entertained by the funniest Minion Jokes, Do share them with friends and families to give them loud laughs. Minion Jokes; Which Are Truly Funny And Amazing

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