Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh! 

Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh! If you are obsessed with Stranger Things, then you probably know that the show is full of suspense, surprises, thrilling moments, and a lot of happiness. And if you are looking for a way to have an adventure of some mysterious fun at your next gathering, then make sure you have some Stranger Things Jokes over there. These Stranger Things jokes will make you chuckle and giggle till you wait for its final season, just be aware that there will be noteworthy spoilers coming.

So, are you ready to get entertained with the spooky Jokes on Stranger Things, these Jokes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and enlighten up your day. They are perfect for Stranger-things-themed parties, or some other purpose to get your friends happy and smile. So, let’s have fun with them. Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh! 

Stranger Things Jokes; That Will Crack You Up! Questioners’ 

What is the best way to talk to the Mind Flayer? 

From a distance. 

How do you know Netflix has been making some questionable decisions on its content? 

Haven’t you watched Stranger Things? 

What is the strangest thing to order at McDonalds? 

Mind Filet-o-fish! 

On a scale from 1-10, how good is Stranger Things? 


What is the difference between Netflix and a Bass Guitar? 

Netflix has Stranger Things 4 and a Bass guitar has 4 strange strings.

How did the Stranger Things kids clean up Hawkins? 


What award did the monster from Stranger Things get? 

An emmy gorgon! 

What should be Elven’s actual numeric name? 

Eleven-ty one! 

Where was Vecna for a period of 8 years? 

He was on a weight loss regime. 

Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh

What is the name of the Stranger Things-themed cafe? 

Eggos & Coffee. 

What’s popular Stranger Things saying? 

“Friends don’t lie.” 

Did you hear the next season of Stranger Things will be shot in Australia? 

The kids have to defeat a monster from the right way up. 

Why does Hopper prefer coffee over tea in the mornings? 

He likes stronger things. Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh! 

What is the recurring theme in every season of Stranger Things? 

The Upside Down and its dangerous creatures. 

Why would you think a show about children and monsters is weird? 

Honestly, I have strange things. 

My wife asked, the last of us in a strange show? Don’t you agree? 

Me; Yes, but I have seen stranger things on Netflix. 

What time would it be if Vecna came to school? 

Time to run! 

Why did the Mind Flayer’s mum knit him 5 socks? 

She heard he grew another leg. 

What is the most accurate part of Stranger Things? 

That a hell dimension would exist under a small town in Indiana. 

Stranger Things Jokes; To Bring a Loud Laugh! One lIner’ 

  • The woman walked up to the bartender and said, we are looking for some fun. Do you have any Stranger Things Jokes? 
  • I was not sure that Netflix would ever find success producing their own content. Then again, Stranger Things have happened. 
  • My friend asked me If I wanted to watch Dr. Strange. I declined because I have stranger things to watch. 
  • Was this whole Superbowl a Tide ad? I have seen Stranger Things. 
  • I saw Stranger Things has 6 Golden Globe nominations. Should have Eleven. 
  • I am really confused by the fact people judge me for refusing to pay for Netflix. I mean, I have seen Stranger Things. 
  • Ten and seven are on a ship, and seven slips, what remains? Three. 
  • Max and Lucas broke up because they realised they were from different dimensions. 
  • Stranger Things joke. Why is Will’s business flourishing? Because everyone knows it is a byer’s market.
  •  Just had an 8-hour binge-watch session. Stranger Things have happened. 


Hopefully, you enjoyed the top Stranger Things Jokes. Have fun, and share them with friends and family and make laugh with simple Stranger Things humour. Stranger Things Jokes; Guaranteed To Filled You With Joy And Laugh! 

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