Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL! 

Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL! Humor is a powerful tool for easing awkward or comfortable situations and helping people get relief. There are certain medical procedures that have long been the butt of jokes, including, of course, the Colonoscopy. It makes sense when you think about it. Colonoscopies themselves are obviously no joke,

but that’s not to say that humor is not a great way to lighten a serious situation. if you want to get entertained and freshen up your moods in a hectic routine, make the worst things a lil bit easier.  So, we have a collection of funny Colonoscopy Jokes and Humor to make serious situations even better. 

Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL!

Colonoscopy Jokes; Giving You Funny And Positive Vibes. Questioners’ 

What happens when you forgot to pay my colonoscopy bill?

Now you are in arrears. 

When was the patient alarmed during the colonoscopy?

When it felt both of the doctor’s hands on his sides.

How is the patient after the colonoscopy? 

He is fine now, but at the time it is rectum! 

What do you call a colonoscopy on a donkey? 

An assassin. 

What do you think a colonoscopy costs? 

A Buttload. Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL! 

What kind of cameras do doctors use for colonoscopies?


Why was the colonoscopy camera so worn out?

Because it had been through a lot of shit. 

How did the new Vet screw up the pig’s colonoscopy?

He’s pretty ham-fisted.

What is the difference between colonoscopy and endoscopy?

The taste. 

Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL!

What should the real name for a colonoscopy be?

A colonoscopoo. 

Why is a colonoscopy camera not state-of-the-art?

Because these pictures look like Crap. 

What is the proper toast for someone drinking colonoscopy prep?

Bottoms up! 

What does a doctor call a colonoscopy?

An ANALysis. Colonoscopy Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL! 

Why did brian keep puting off scheduling his colonoscopy?

He knew that he was going to get it in the end. 

Have you heard of the golfer who opened a colonoscopy clinic?

He does 18 holes a day. 

What happens when you got your colonoscopy results?

The doctor gives you two thumbs up. 

Did you know that you are supposed to get a follow up colonoscopy as often as every 1 to 3 years?

That’s a Buttload of exams. 

What did the dog say to the man after his colonoscopy? 


What do you do when you not have enough money too see a doctor for colonoscopy?

You go to the airport and threaten to blow it up. 

Colonoscopy Jokes; That Should Help To Enlighten Your Moods. One Liner’ 

  • A man goes in for a colonoscopy. The doctor starts looking around and says “wow, i can’t see shit. You may go now. 
  • Colonoscopies are important. They really help doctors get to the bottom of your health issues.
  • My doctor told me he found something alarming in my colonoscopy. A Clock. 
  • I recently had a colonoscopy, and I learned that my wife is wrong and my head is not up there. 
  • My mother supposed to have a colonoscopy today, but she told me it was canceled because of COVID. 
  • My colonoscopy was not the best experience in my life, but it was up there. 
  • When the doctor told me what a colonoscopy entailed, I thought she had to be shititing me. 
  • I reviewed the footage of my colonoscopy. I still dont get how anyone could think that’s where I talk from. 
  • I used to think that only men needed colonoscopies, butt now I am wiser. 
  • I have inner beauty, and I have the video from my colonoscopy to prove it. 
  • I am nervous about my colonoscopy, but atleast soon I’ll be able to put this all behind me. 
  • I got a little too comfortable around my doctor and started telling her about my marital problems during my colonoscopy. 

After reading through all these Funny Colonoscopy Jokes, we hope you had a good laugh. You can also share them at gatherings to help your friends and family laugh their heads off. 

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