Little Johnny Jokes; Hilarious Witty Remarks About A Little Boy ‘Johnny

Little Johnny Jokes; Hilarious Witty Remarks About A Little Boy ‘Johnny. Little Johnny Jokes is a comprehensive, intergeneration hit, even the character’s name changes from place to place. This is a wonderful mordancy, given that little Johnny is commonly the one who outwits his elders in the joke. Little Johnny Jokes have maintained their lastingness, thanks to the adventures stories they tell and make us feel happy. Little Johnny ingeniously asks questions and tells stories that sometimes finish being very humiliating to adult listeners. His jokes can be very funny and surprising because they put these very adults in probably very embarrassing situations! Little Johnny jokes are derived based on children’s behavior, manners, and thoughts since they combine innocence and straightforwardness. And course there is one more clear aspect to think this theory is not far from the truth and it is that the person who is narrating these jokes is, actually a kid “little Johnny’’ so, 

Here is the collection of the best and The Funniest Jokes!

Little Johnny Jokes; Definitive Example Of Entertaining And Laughing! One LIner; 

  • Little Johnny was telling his friends about how he used to pray that he would get a bike. When he never got a bike, he decided to steal it and pray for forgiveness instead. 
  • When Johnny Found out what static electricity could do. He went around and gathered all the other kids in the class. What did his mother do? She grounded him. 
  • Teacher; Little Johnny; ‘you are late to class again.’ 

        Johnny; but miss, ‘you said that it is never too late to learn’.

  • Teacher; “Johnny, what strange pair of socks you are wearing, one is green and the other is red.”

        Johnny; “o yes, it is very strange. I have exactly another pair at home.”

  • The teacher asked the class how they spell the word‘ elephant.’ little Johnny raised his hand and he said, “E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T.” When the teacher said that’s wrong. He said, well it may be wrong, but that’s how I spell it.  
  • Little Johnny asked his Grandpa to croak like a frog. He did it and asked why Johnny wanted to hear him like a frog. Johnny said, “Mommy said that we’ll be loaded when you croak. 
  • One day, Little Johnny told his parents that he was ready to live alone. They were very proud of him until Johnny said, “Great then you can leave the house then” see ya! 

Little Johnny Jokes; Hilarious And Versatile! Questioners’ 

Little Johnny Asks the Teacher, “Can Ibe punished for something I haven’t done”?  

The Teacher is Shocked, of course not! Johnny. That would be very unfair. 

Johnny is relaxed! “That’s good to know,” he says, ‘I have not done my homework’. 

Mother; Johnny, how far have you gotten with your work?

Johnny; well, “About six miles.” 

Teacher; If you have one dollar, and you asked your father for another, how many dollars would you have? 

Johnny; miss, “One Dollar” 

The teacher said Johnny You don’t know your maths? 

Johnny: Miss, you don’t know my Father. 

Teacher; “if 1 + 1 = 2 and 2 + 2 = 4 then what is 4 + 4?

Little Johnny; that’s not fair miss! You answer the easy ones and leave us with the hard ones. 

Teacher; Does Anybody know what we call a person who keeps talking and nobody listens to him?

Little Johnny; A Teacher! Miss. 

So, what have you been doing at school today, Johnny?

“ I don’t really want to talk about it mom, “you will see it later on the news, anyway!”

Teacher: “Now Little Johnny, be Honest, do you say your prayers every night before dinner,?” 

Little Johnny; “No miss, my mother is a really good cook.” 


The little Johnny Jokes give us positive vibes, that’s how a kid is questioning and communicating in a hilarious and straightforwardly ingenuous manner. In this article, you will find out the most amazing and funniest Little Johnny Jokes, and you will be laughing forever. You can also share these with people who might be in need of some amusing relief.  

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