Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead 

Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead Well, you might have noticed a little pattern that we are doing here- Car Jokes. We have to make a new change and find ourselves with a topic that is far from funny kittens, and more into the world of vehicles. In this article, you will be amused and amazed by our collection of Jokes, totally based on a new category, named Ford Jokes. Ford is probably one of the most well-known automobile manufacturers today.

So, if you are wondering why on earth we are presenting you our latest listing of Ford Jokes, they are indeed hilarious and the funniest. So, why Fords? Right? Well, it is just an Epic car model, something that other countries should have be jealous of, probably! So, are you ready for some amazing and splendid Jokes about cars? They are just ford-tastic! Here we go! 

Ford Jokes; That Will Make You Fall In Love With Ford! Questioners’ 

Why are so many Hotwheels based on Ford models?  

So kids get used to pushing them at a young age. 

Why is Pokemon Go a lifesaver? 

Because it gives Ford owners something to do while they walk home. 

What do you call a Ford Fiesta that won’t start? 

A Ford Siesta. 

Why do Ford vehicles have heated rear bumpers? 

To keep your hands warm when you are pushing them. 

Why does Ford manufacture tractors but Opel does not? 

Because Opel can not get anything to run that slow. 

What car can everyone buy? 

A Ford. Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead 

How do you get a Ford F150 to go faster? 

Get a few more guys to help push. 

Why did Harrison Ford crash his plane? 

Because he was flying solo and went look no Hans. 

How good are Ford cars? 

85% of all Fords made are still on the road today. The other 15 made it home. 

What is the full form of the Ford? 

Found On Roadside Dead. 

What is the best thing Ford has ever done? 

Circle the problem. 

What is the difference between a Ford and a shopping trolly? 

A shopping trolly is much easier to push. 

Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead 

Why does Ford put magazines in the glove box of their new vehicles? 

So you will have something to read while waiting on the tow truck.

How can they improve a Ford Focus? 

Put a Toyota engine in it. 

Why are the new Fords lighter? 

So a Chevy can tow more of them at once. 

What do you call a Ford with 200,000 miles on it? 

A Lie. Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead 

What’s on pages 4 and 5 of the Ford user manual? 

The train and bus schedules. 

Why did the blonde stare at the Ford? 

It said Focus. 

Did you know Jesus had a Ford? 

That’s why, he walked everywhere. 

What is the difference between a Golf ball and a Ford? 

You can drive a Golf ball 200 yards. 

What should the Ford Mustang really be called? 

The Ford Rustang. 

How do you double the value of a Ford Focus? 

Fill the tank. 

Ford Jokes; That Will Take You Away On A Jolly Ride! One Liner’ 

  • When Life Gives You Lemons…quit buying Ford. 
  • My wife and I bought a Ford Escape… we heard it was a great car for getaways. 
  • The Ford Explorer, otherwise known as the Ford Explorer! 
  • My friend and I decided to race our Ford Pintos. Mine broke three miles down the road. I had to walk the rest of the way, I won! 
  • This is Holden country and on quiet nights you can hear Ford rusting. 
  • I took a photo next to a Ford, but it’s blurred because it wasn’t focused. 
  • I tried to start up a business as a Ford dealership. I lost my focus. 


Hope you get fully entertained by the hilarious Ford Jokes. And of course, if your friends own different makes of cars, just switch out the make in the jokes. Ford Jokes; That Will Open Up Any Petrolhead 

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