Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week 

Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week. As we all know Wednesday comes in between the week. When you are in the middle of the week, think that some hectic work has been done, and some of it is remaining. Wednesday is basically the day that we are all just trying to fritter away so we can enjoy our weekends. Wednesdays are the day that I think we come alive. We do a lot of work on Monday,

and Tuesday is also a hectic and boring day, Wednesday comes to give us hope of getting our work done, leading to an interesting and enjoyable weekend. To get into the Wednesday vibes, let us dive into the splendid Wednesday Jokes one joke at a time and jump into the curious world of Wednesday Jokes. In this article, you will find a fantastic list of Wednesday Jokes. Let’s start reading them! Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week 

Wednesday Jokes; Giving You Positive Vibes! Questioners’ 

How do you know that weddings on a Wednesday are sad? 

When you see the cake in the tiers too. 

What do cows do on Wednesday nights? 

Go to moooooovies. 

What is the other name of Wednesday? 

Day 3 of the hostage situation. 

Why did the man have an uninviting face in the office? 

Because it was his Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday face.

What did the tree say to Wednesday? 

Please, leaf me alone! 

What is the lucky day for couples to get married? 

Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week


Why was Wednesday so calm and morbid? 

Because she spent her free time today at the cemetery. 

What does a gardener call the middle of the week? 


Why can’t Superman use his powers on Wednesday nights? 

Because he is busy with his weekly Bitcoin meeting, and it is his Crypto night. 

What bread do people typically eat on Wednesdays? 

Hump-day rye bread. 

How do people keep themselves motivated on Wednesdays? 

Some say, Just two more days till the weekend, keep pushing. 

What is the best day of the week to write a story? 


Why did the woman cry on a Wednesday evening? 

Because she thought it was a whine Wednesday. 

What do you call Wednesdays at the gym for pirates? 

Peg day. 

Why do camels make the best comedians on Wednesdays? 

Because they know how to get everyone laughing over the hump. 

Why did Wednesday feel like a Friday? 

Because it had a happy hour! 

What is the bright side of Wednesday? 

It only happens once a week. 

Why didn’t the skeleton laugh at Wednesday jokes? 

He did not find them humerus. 

Why did Saturday have an advantage over Wednesday? 

Because Saturday is a weekend day, while Wednesday is a work day. 

What is the most common adjective to describe Wednesdays? 

They are often referred to as the “Mid-week slump”. 

What did the nervous vampire ask every night? 

When’s day? 

Why did the zombie stay at home from school on Wednesday? 

He was feeling rotten. Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week

What is the typical hump day like for working parents? 

A Wednesday that drags on, with endless work and no end in sight. 

Wednesday Jokes; To Keep The Weekend Spark Alive! One Liner’ 

  • Today is Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Pre-Friday. This means the next day is Friday, so it’s basically Friday. 
  • Keep calm, it is already Wednesday. 
  • I was diagnosed with colour blindness on Wednesday, it came totally out of the orange. 
  • Whoop! Whoop! It is another exciting Wednesday. 
  • In a world full of Mondays, be a Wednesday! 
  • Furnaces hum on Wednesdays they don’t know the words. 
  • It’s a Friday! Oops sorry, just been practising for two days now. 
  • Wednesday’s child is full of woe. 
  • The only way you can make time go faster on a Wednesday is by throwing a clock. 


Hope you get some positive vibes through these Wednesday Jokes. Wednesday Jokes are good to share a laugh with friends and family. We hope you enjoy it. Wednesday Jokes; That Will Keep Laughing You All Over The Week

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