25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO! 


25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO!. Humor is a power tool that eases the tensions between groups and can bring people together. One benefit of telling orphan jokes is that the humor will help break the oppressive strains of growing up without parents and humor helps create a good mood, laughter is a very good medicine. Fatherless jokes carry a sharper edge, an understanding of purpose and how to deliver a joke is sensitive in any form of humor.

Orphan jokes are not as bad as most people think as they help one to accepts harsh realities of life like “death. if you are one of those people who enjoy a good laugh while making an orphan joke so you are at the right place, we are here to help you find your best and funny orphan jokes. We aim to let the world know there is always something to make everyone smile no matter which situation they are in. 25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO! 

Funniest Orphan Jokes That Will Crack Your Ribs; Questioners. 

Doctor; I am going to have to turn you away. 

Orphan; Why?

Doctor; because I’m a family doctor. 

What’s an orphan’s least favorite store?

Home Depot. 

25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO!

Why Tennis is Orphan’s favorite game?

Because it is the only love they ever get. 

Do you know why we called it an Orphanage?

Because we could not call it an orphan’s home.  

What is the only advantage of being an Orphan?

Nobody can make jokes about yo mama. 

Why do orphan loves boomerangs?

Because they actually come back. 

Why is an iPhone X Perfect for an Orphan?

Because it has no home button. 

What’s an Orphan’s favorite Roblox game?

Adopt me. 

How did the orphan gain fame?

They say “go big or go home.”

What movie does an Orphan want for Christmas?

Spiderman Homecoming. 

Why do orphans play GTA?

So they can be wanted and desired. 

What is the difference between Pikachu and an orphan?

Pikachu, I choose you!

Why do Orphans have 363 days in a year?

Because they have no mothers or fathers day.

What is the difference between an apple and an Orphan?

Apples get picked.

Why was the orphan’s first baseball game the same as his first night in foster care?

He finished it dripping and bleeding, but at least his foster dad came. 

What do you call an orphan in a room full of mirrors?

Encircling by loved ones.

Dad; I am taking your toys to the orphanage.

Child; but why?

Dad; because you are going to need them there.

What’s big, bounces, and makes little kids cry?

My charity was given to the orphanage.

What do you call an orphan who grows up to become a cleric?

Father les. 

What is a family photo of an orphan?

A selfie. 

Why are orphans so bad at dodgeball?

Because no one misses them. 

Why don’t orphans play hide and seek?  

Because no one will find them. 

What kind of flour do orphans use to bake bread?


 25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO! 

Most Funny Orphan Jokes You Could Ever Read! One Liner;

  • I made a website for orphans. Unluckily, it does not have a home page.
  • If you are getting bored, punch an orphan. What are they gonna do? Tell their parents?
  • My dad used to say, “Marry an orphan… Then you will have to marry the whole family. \
  • I am a family doctor and I wish I could help, but you are an orphan.
  • I tried to tell an orphan a knock-knock joke, but sadly there was no door to knock on. 
  • There is an upside to being an orphan, every bag of chips is family-size. 


There are no limits to orphan jokes if they are conveyed in the correct way and at the right time. This article, which is a collection of hilarious funny orphan jokes, aims to put a laugh on everyone’s face and enjoy the harsh realities of life even with a smile. 25 Orphan Jokes; That Will Make You Go LMAO! 

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