Racing Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs! 

Racing Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs! Cars, aren’t they amusing us? I mean, just take a look and see, an inactive object is a lawbreaker of uncontrollable giggles. Suddenly, you are thinking about this dormant object’s silly personality and imagining it in different realistic situations. One of the basics is, of course, A Car Race! Because that’s what cars do, right?

Now you will be glad you have opened this article dedicated to Racing Jokes. Because you get to know that they are going to be hilarious and funny, just the way they are! Now in my point of view, we have set your expectations enough here, and it is the exact time to go to the car Racing Jokes themselves. So here we designed this article to make you happy and smile, and share it with others to make them laugh as well. 

Racing Jokes; That Will Make You Go LOL! Questioners’

Why did the bicycle not enter the car race? 

Because it was too tiring. 

What do we want?

Race car noises. 

When do we want them?


Racing Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs! 

What is a cat’s favourite racing game? 

Grand Purrismo. 

What is the difference between a velodrome and a palindrome?

For one, you have to use a bicycle, for the other, you can use a race car. 

What did the ace car say to the letter R?

Come and join me.

How do drivers eat healthily?

They take the carb-orator off. 

What do a bad computer and a bad racing team have in common?

They have drivers that frequently crash. 

What do you think you would get if you crossed a race car with a stud?

The answer is crushed potatoes. 

Racing Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs!

Her; what do you do?

He; I race cars. 

Her; do you win many races?

He; no, the cars are too fast. 

How do you become a Millionaire in racing?

If I start my career as a Billionaire.

What do parents give their babies if they want them to become future race car drivers?

Formula One. 

Why did the electric car finish the race early?

It had a short circuit. 

What is a race car’s favourite thing to eat for lunch? 

Fast food! 

What is a Vampire’s favourite racing game?

Need for Bleed. 

What is the longest-running event?

The human race. 

Did you hear about the child who accidentally swallowed a race car? 

It is fine, he just has some Indy-gestion. 

Why does the moon always lose when racing the Sun?

Because night skies finish last. 

Do you want to hear a racing joke?

Never mind. That’s one’s re-Tired.

What did the F1 Driver say to his Father?

He said, Thanks for the career, Dad! 

How are all races the same?

Usually, the fastest guy wins.

How did the barber win the race?

It was quite simple, though; he knew a shortcut through her hair. 

What is the longest-running race?

A human Race! 

What punctuation mark would mostly win the race?

That should not beat you, the answer is the “Dash,” of course!

Racing Jokes; Mindlasting Racing Jokes You Could Ever Read! One LIners; 

  • I keep trying to get into horse racing but they are too fast for me.
  • What is the knight’s favourite racing game? Need for Steed. 
  • I was challenged to a race by the same British-made car I was driving. It was a Jag-war. 
  • In a tomato race, one tomato driver said to his competitor, Ketch-up!
  • What do the motorsport drivers say during arguments? “Mph.”
  • I took the shell off my racing snail to see if it would make it go any faster, it just made it more sluggish. 
  • I like to race electric cars in my free time. I am an e-racer. 


On some days in life, when things are not going according to plan, a good joke could give a big relief, and make you prepare hoping for better things. This is because hearing and sharing a joke has a way of releasing stress and giving you more positive vibes. Therefore, we have put together the funniest and rib-cracking Racing Jokes. Keep enjoying it! Racing Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs!

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