Mexican Jokes That Will Make You Go LOL!

Mexican Jokes That Will Make You Go LOL!

Mexican Jokes That Will Make You Go LOL!. When most people think of Mexico, they think of Mexican foods and the Spanish language. Mexicans are funny and entertaining, and their culture revolves around spending quality time with family, friends and laughing together. Funny is certainly not something that comes to mind. Teasing and Mexican humor are holding hands, Teasing and ragging with funny jokes are become the traditions of the Mexicans. It is amusing, entertaining, and a little bit awkward. Either you prefer dad jokes, funny science jokes, dark humor, and even puns. This is your index to entertain and laugh and make other people laugh. 

Mexican Jokes That Will Make You Go LOL!

Mexican Jokes: Hilarious And Funny

How do you pay in Mexican stores? 

In MexiCASH. 

What’s a Mexican’s favorite bookstore? 


How do you remain a Mexican from stealing? 

Keep everything on the top shelf. 

How do you come to know when Asians are moving into the neighborhood? 

When the Mexicans start buying car insurance. 

What do you call a Mexican who does not have a car?


How do you get an ambulance in Mexico?

Call Nine Juan Juan.

Why did God give Mexicans noses? 

So they have at least something to pick in the winter. 

Why was this Mexican guy so disturbed? 

He was fighting with his panic attacks. 

What do you say to a nebby Mexican? 

That’s nacho business. 

What book do Mexican students read in English class? 

Tequila sarcastic bird. 

What is the Mexican’s favorite pastime? 

Cross country. 

What kind of cans are found in Mexico? 


What is the difference between a Mexican person and a French person? 

The French say Ooh la la, and the Mexican says just Hola! 

How do Mexicans laugh? 

Haha, Jalapenos. 

Why are Mexicans so small?

They all live in basement apartments. 

2 Mexicans are in a car, who is driving? 

It must be a cop.

What do you call a relaxed Mexican? 


How does every Mexican joke start? 

By looking at your face. 

Do you know about the phrase, ‘Jesus Loves You’?

Yes, it is an amazing thing to hear in church but a terrible thing to hear in a Mexican jail. 

Have you ever heard about the Mexican train killer?

He had a choo-choo. 

Has anyone ever tried a Mexican White vine? 

It is a Pinot Grigio. 

How do you discuss something with a Mexican? 

You TACO-ver it. 

Why do Mexicans watch Netflix? 

They want chili and Netflix. 

Why do you call a spider pinata? 

Pina Tarantula.

What is the burrito image with distorted resolution?

A burrito. 

What did the Mexican fire warden call his sons?

Pipe A Pipe B. 

Why do Mexicans wear needle-like boots?

Because it makes it more than easy to climb a barrier. 

Why are Mexicans jealous of the chicken? 

Because the chicken can cross the border. 

Funny Mexican Jokes That Will Make You Go LOL!; One Liner

  • Reading in Mexico is not very interesting because there are no books, only Manuels. 
  • The best pop girl group song in Mexico is “Tijuana be my lover’ by the Spice Girls.
  • A Mexican thinks his wife has an affair but she says he is the only Juan.
  • I took a sweater for my vacation to Mexico. It said it would be a maxi cold and chili that week. 
  • My last girlfriend married a LATINO. Now she is M-EX-ican. 
  • If a Mexican woman wants to talk to me, I won’t as I am a nacho friend. 


If you want to go on a vacation or a trip to take a break. Just pack some of these hilarious Mexican jokes with you. And you will feel cherished throughout the journey. Mexican jokes are entertaining, amusing, and a great source of enjoyment.


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