Screenwriter Starlet Joke

Screenwriter Starlet Joke. Jokes are now worldwide, no matter what the situation is, people find ways to laugh. It is not about the particular place, scenario or something alike, even celebrities also can’t stay away from this. They also have to bear jokes, as the screenwriter starlet joke got famous in this series. 

Screenwriter Starlet Joke: Beginning 

Today, we will talk about horror movies. “ Mr. Harrigan’s Phone “. directed by John Lee Hancock, it is the story of Mr. John Harrigan, who is a businessman by profession. To support his business, he hired a carig, who can read his books. As they both worked together and an endearing bond developed in them. Well, Harrigan was a lonely businessman and spent his life in Harlow. He started caring about his business partner’s future especially when he came to know that Carig wants to be a screenwriter in Hollywood. 

Although he was a rich man, he added carig in his will and allocated a big amount of money for his education, which also helped him in starting his career. But, he doesn’t support his wish to be a screenwriter because it is valueless on the internet because everyone makes fun of it. He asked him to search on the internet for how people talk about the screenwriters and laugh at it. 

He didn’t personally didn’t reveal the joke and it was never revealed before the ending of “ Mr. Harrigan’s Phone “. But the reality was about Screenwriter Starlet’s Joke and the famous one is” starlet is so dumb that she slept with the screenwriter “. The purpose behind the statement shows that screenwriters are not considered much important in Hollywood as well as in Mr. Harrigan’s mind. So the Carig should choose a profession that can possess some power and as a screenwriter, he can not do that. 

An Advice To watch Screenwriter Starlet Joke 

The joke also shows Mr. Harrigan’s point of view on power. He is always concerned to Carig so he advised him to never back off his potential just for the sake of his dreams. Also, don’t follow the same paths of being materialistic and don’t ever take your relationship for granted. Always prefer your social life and happiness and be prosperous. 

Story Behind The Screenwriter Starlet Joke 

This joke have nothing to do with recent times, as it revolves around 20th century but it influence the industry all over the world. At that times, the screenwriter’s community was powerful and have more value than the directors and the mainlead, but they don’t have any control in filmmaking. Although, today, many screenwriters are selling their work and they have taken it just as a business even without any authority. So, Harrigan estimated about this profession that no one should be inspired of it. 

Many people asked that why Mr. Harrigan choose screenwriter starlet joke to deliver his opinion. Well, harrigan is the man with old thoughts. The happenings of his life have authority and control over others. According to his opinion, any professional that has no authority & power is just unpleasant. He applied his thinking on the screenwriters and stated that screenwriters have no power over others. It was a big reason of him to disapprove. 


The opinion of Mr. Harrigan about the Screenwriter’s starlet jokes is justified with his statements and thoughts. Plus, as he says that a profession that has no power and dignity must not be impressive to anyone. Well, these statements are based on personal opinions as not everyone thinks the same. Our purpose is to provide basic information about the screenwriters and the power of jokes in Hollywood. For more updates, stay with us. 

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