911 Jokes Shocking Jokes

911 Jokes Shocking Jokes

911 Jokes Shocking Jokes. 911 is one of the most serious incidents in the world, and the world has not forgotten yet. It is remembered every year on the same date. This were a historical and heartbreaking event. Everyone is prohibited from making 911 jokes. It has been 18 years since the September 11 attacks. Even the bravest comedian can not laugh at it, but a dead River Johns has not followed any concept of prohibition.

There was a restaurant on the top floor, called “ Windows Of The World “in the North Tower Of the World Trade Center in New York. The North & South Towers were badly damaged and crashed due to the disaster. After some time, the aggressive woman, Rivers, called her friend Jonathan Van Meter, who is a writer by profession.

He actually invited him to have lunch with him at the ” Windows on the Ground “. They have a personal table talk that was opened publicly by Van Meter after the death of River in 2014. Moreover, River didn’t get a reservation and made a public joke about 911 in a show in the UK. 

911 Joke of River On Fire Fighters 

It was a disastrous incident for the families, so the government helped the widows and the kids of the dead persons, they had helped the widows with $5 Million each as compensation. River hit a 911 joke on this scenario saying that, if their husbands returned, the ladies would not be happy.

This statement disheartened many people who are suffering from the miserable conditions of losing their loved ones. A large number of firefighters lost their lives so the international association of Firefighters criticized the statement. Post-911 fighters showed great virtue. They have served with the best of their capabilities, as they travel to the long burning hauls, even when they know there are few chances of defending the hell fire and a heightened gigantic buildings. Almost 343 firefighters lost their precious lives. Many of them have to surfer. In this month of July, another precious stone expired and became the 200th fireman, dead due to the ailment caused by the tragedy. 

Reaction To 911 Joke 

No doubt, it was a heartbreaking moment for the hundreds of people and the audience shouted in reaction. It was stated that “ Too Soon “. Not for the river, she might think that there is not a bad time to joke, although she was a celebrity but had to face the difficulties of life and she did hard work as well. But, nothing can stop her from cracking stupid jokes. Edgar, husband of River, suicide and killed himself. In reaction to this big tragedy, she stated that, after the death of her husband, she went outside with her daughter named Melissa, looked at the menu, and said. “ If your daddy sees the prices, he will kill him again “.

911 Jokes

911 Incident Was Far Different 

No one can compare the sorrow of a family member’s death and a 911 incident. The sufferers of the 911 event did not want to leave this world. It affected thousands of families within a few minutes. The accident of September 11 compelled the dead person to say goodbye to their families, and cracking 911 jokes will never be accepted in any situation. An Old Christine Lee Hanson was the youngest victim of the 911 tragedy, her age was just 2 and a half years old. Her beloved brown rabbit is still present in the museum as an article of 911. The river should keep her mouth shut because her 911 jokes are not gonna anybody smile except for her. 


There is no doubt that comedy has grown up internationally. It is a source of making anyone smile and forget their fears and sorrows, but 911 jokes don’t go down well, as it can not be a source of smiles, in fact, it can hurt the martyred families and others also. So, we can not compare September 11 with any entertainment. 

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