Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover! 

Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover! Listen to Me, please! The gravity of the matter discussed in this article will be extraordinary. The mass of the topic – invincible! The velocity of thoughts twirling in your heart after reading -that of brightness! Our shocking, surprising, and inspiring topic is “Physics Jokes”! “Physics is Phun” is what young physics students are told.

You are allowed to play with cool toys and call it a “Lab” ” All you have to do is love playing with physics Numericals and Formulas, and this would be possible if you are going to relate them with Jokes. So, Physics Jokes are probably the science Jokes that test your tingles the most. Now, it is time for you to move towards the clever Physics Jokes. In this article, you will find an amazing collection of Physics Jokes, once you check out the funny Jokes, vote for the ones that gave you a tremendous case of laughs. Here we go! 

Physics Jokes; That Will Give You An Immense Laugh! Questioners’ 

What does a Physicist hear when he watches Star Wars? 

“May the mass time acceleration be with you”! 

Why does a burger have less energy than a steak? 

Because it’s in its ground state. 

What did the nuclear physicist have for lunch? 

Fission Chips. 

What did one electron say to the other electron? 

Do not be excited. You will only get into a state. 

What does E=mc2 mean? 

Energy milk chocolate squared. 

Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover!

What did the male magnet say to the other magnet? 

From your backside, I thought you were repulsive. However, after seeing you from the front, I find you rather attractive. 

What is the difference between an auto mechanic and a quantum mechanic? 

The quantum mechanic can get the car inside the garage without opening the door. 

What do physicists enjoy doing the most at sporting events? 

The Wave. 

What do you call a glass robot that is good at physics? 

A new-clear physicist. 

Why should you go drinking with neutrons? 

Wherever they go,  there is no charge. 

Why is a physics book always unhappy? 

Because it has a lot of problems. 

What is the difference between chemistry jokes and physics jokes?

Chemistry Jokes can be funny periodically. But physics jokes have more potential. 

What is the name of the first electricity detective? 

Sherlock Ohms. 

Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover!

What happens when electrons lose their energy? 

They get Boh’red. 

Why is electricity an Ideal citizen? 

Because it conducts itself so well. 

How many physicists does it take to change a light bulb? 

Eleven. One to do it and ten to Co-author the paper.  

Have you heard of the physicist who got chilled to absolute zero? 

She is 0k now. Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover! 

Why can’t you trust an atom? 

They make up everything. 

What did the quantum physicist say before the bar fight? 

Let me atom! 

Physics Jokes; Every Science Lover Will Appreciate. One Liner’  

  • During spring break, physics students love going surfing to catch the waves. 
  • We had a lively debate in physics. It was a conversation of energy. 
  • Some people think that nuclear physics is interesting. Well, in my opinion, it is really bohring. 
  • Physics is the science where it takes long, complicated equations to explain why round balls roll. 
  •  A neutron walks into a bar and asks, “How much for a whiskey”? The bartender smiles and says, “For you, no charge”! 
  • The rocket scientist became a skilled archer. Really, he was just testing arrow dynamics. 
  • I find anti-gravity jokes to be incredibly lifting. 
  • I have a new theory on Inertia, but it does not seem to be gaining momentum. 
  • A nuclear physicist logged into his friend’s playlist. The first song was “Atomic”.  
  • A beam of light got caught speeding. It ended up in a prism. 


After reading through all these hilarious physics Jokes, we hope you had a good laugh. Do share with your friends and families so that they can get inspired by the physicist and their good sense of humor. Physics Jokes; That Cracks Every Science Lover! 

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