22 Ohio Jokes; You Won’t Be Able To Forget!  

22 Ohio Jokes; You Won’t Be Able To Forget! Ohio Jokes! Curious about their meaning? These jokes arise from the infamous Ohio vs the World meme, representing a state where nothing goes according to plan. It all started in 2016 with an image highlighting that very phrase. Ohio has a special place in the hearts of both Americans and the people who live in it. Ohio has many wonderful things to offer. So,

why not take the opportunity to read and laugh at Ohio Jokes? You will laugh so hard that you will feel happy inside after reading these Ohio Jokes. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of Ohio Jokes and memes and untie the laughter behind this viral sensation. Here we go! 

22 Ohio Jokes; To Give You A Rib-tickling Joy! Questioners’ 

How does an Ohioan solve a problem? 

With the Buckeyes ‘ determination! 

Why did the Ohioan become a comedian? 

They had a knack for delivering “Buckeye Belly Laughs.” 

What do you do as an Ohioan who loves to dance? 

A “Buckeye boogie-master” with smooth moves on the dance floor. 

How do Ohioans greet each other? 

With a warm smile and a friendly “Buckeye Hello”! 

How do Ohioans celebrate birthdays? 

With a Big slice of “Buckeye cake” and a party full of laughter. 

What makes Ohio State football players not sink in the great lakes? 

Because Crap floats. 

Are you aware that there is a city in Ohio called “Engagement”? 

It is somewhere between Dayton and Marion. 

What state is round on both sides and high in the middle? 


Why could not the baby Jesus be born in Ohio? 

Because they could not find 3 wise men in a Virgin. 

How do you get a man in Ohio to do sit-ups? 

Put the remote control between his toes. 

Did you hear about the kidnapping at the school in Ohio? 

Don’t worry, they woke up. 

What state is always surprised to see you? 


When blondes move from Michigan to Ohio, what happens? 

Both states become smarter, 

In Ohio, what would you call a carpet cleaning company? 

Cleveland Steamers. 

What did the Ohioans say to the cornfield? 

You are a-maize-ing! 

Why did the Ohioans open a bakery? 

They wanted to create the most “dough-lightful” pastries in the town. 

How does an Ohioan answer the phone? 

”O-HI-O! Who’s calling? 

What does the average University student get on his SAT? 


Why did Ohio produce 20 astronauts? 

Because it’s so boring, people want to leave the planet. 

What was the reason for covering Ohio Stadium with cardboard? 

Because the Buckeyes always look better on paper. 

What state speaks Japanese in the US?


Why did the Ohioan become a tour guide? 

They wanted to show off all the “Buckeye Wonders” to visitors! 

Ohio Jokes; You Will Have A Good Laugh With! One Liner’ 

  • I urge us all to pray for the people in Ohio. Nothing happened, they just have to live there.  22 Ohio Jokes; You Won’t Be Able To Forget
  • Japanese tourists love visiting Ohio. It’s always morning there, which amazes them. 
  • If there were actually unhappy cows, we’d imagine they would have to be from Ohio. 
  • Biden has won so many times in Michigan now. He is legally required to change his name to Ohio State. 
  • Old Mcdonald bought a farm, right outside of Cleveland. E-I-E-I-OHIO. 
  • What happens when two Os meet? Ohio. 
  • Me and my family went to a parade in rural Ohio last week. We saw a lot of Amish folks. But not one of them was completely Am. 
  • I was born in Ohio, then moved to Oklahoma. OH, OK! 
  • Ohio weather is Bipolar. Except it’s more like “Quadpolar”. Too bad that is not a word. We could really use it here. 
  • The O says to other O, Ohio. 


Read out this funny collection of Ohio Jokes. I assure you you will have ribs-cracking laughter. Do share with your friends and family as well to enlighten their day with some Ohio Jokes. 22 Ohio Jokes; You Won’t Be Able To Forget

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