Chicken Jokes; That Guaranteed To Crack A Smile! 

Chicken Jokes; That Guaranteed To Crack A Smile! Jokes are one of the best ways to give relief to yourself and to make a strong bond with your friends and family. The Chicken Jokes are really no exception. The storyline Chickens with laughter as you make everyone howl with these funny Jokes. Compared to the chicken dance, Chicken Jokes are a better option to get to the other side of the conversation. Chicken Jokes have been around forever.

Telling funny jokes is a cool way to see if you can make your family and friends happy and laugh. No one will think you are up to old chicks with these jokes, because they are entertaining to everyone. Are you ready to laugh, entertain, and feel your immense love with Hilarious Chicken Jokes? 

Looking to put A Smile on your child’s face? These Chicken Jokes will make you go LMAO! 

Chicken Jokes: That Will Have You Screaming With Laughter! Questioners’ 

Why did Mozart hate Chickens?

Because, All they say is, “Bach, Bach, Bach!”’

Why did the Chicken go to the gathering?

To get the other side! 

Do you know about the best place to find information about eggs?

Yes, in the hen-cyclopedia. 

Why did the Chicken cross the road? 

To show the duck how to do it. 

Why did the chicken sit in the middle of the road?

She wanted to lay it on the line. 

What do Chicken tell scary stories about?

The Poultrygeist. 

What do you call a bird who is too afraid of flying?

A Chicken!

How does a Chicken Jokes send mail to his friends? 

In a hen-malope. 

Why do Chickens make the best dance partners?

Because they love shaking their tail feathers! 

Why do Chickens hate it in winter?

They feel cooped up. 

Chicken Jokes; That Guaranteed To Crack A Smile

What do you call it when a hen takes a rooster place in the morning?

Alarm clocks. 

Which US state do chickens avoid?


What movies do hens like?

Chick Flicks!

Which side of the chicken has the most feathers?

The Outside!

What do Chickens order for dessert?


What do you call a mischievous egg?

A practical Yolker! 

What are chickens most afraid of?

The a-peck-apse! 

Why do Chickens always seem to ride the bench during a baseball game?

They are notorious for falling out!

What kind of crime is cock-fighting?

It’s a feather-offensive. 

Who was the most ruthless chicken leader of all time?

Attila! The hen!

What is the name of the chicken with lettuce stuck in its eye?

Chicken Sees- A- Salad. 

Why are some chickens treated more than others?

Because of the pecking order.

Why is your chicken coop smelly?

The foul odor!

Why did the rooster go to the KFC?

He wanted to see the chicken strip. 

How do chickens leave a building?

They use the eggs-it! 

What do chickens say when they burp?

They say, Eggs -cuse-me.! 

What happens to chickens who misbehave at school?

When they misbehave at school, they get eggs-peeled. 

What does an evil egg lay?

The Deviled-eggs! 

What day of the week are the chickens afraid of?

The fry-day!

What do chickens study in school?


Why does he always live in the moment?

Because they don’t like to count their chickens before they hatch! 

Where do hens stay when they go on vacation? 

At a Chick-inn. 

Why is Thanksgiving a chicken’s favorite holiday?

They serve peck-an-pie! 

What do chicken philosophers think about?

The meaning of eggs-istence. 

What do you get when you put a chicken in a concrete mixer?

A brick-layer. 

What do you call a chicken crossing the road?

Poultry in motion. 


Chicken Jokes are giving you funny and exciting vibes. So, keep the clucking going and share these hilarious Chicken Jokes with the people around you, they will think you are a real Comdi-hen! 

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