Dinosaur Puns: Don’t Afraid Of Them But Laugh

Dinosaur Puns: Don’t Afraid Of Them But Laugh. Do you know the fact that giant reptiles have been roaming on Earth for more than 65 million years? They are giants but the specification of all of them are different as some have long legs, short arms, hands, or front limbs. The generation of most of the animals is lessened and the dolphins are a big example. The dinosaurs’ puns are still there but the generation maybe vanish because other animals like anacondas and bears are much scary nowadays, these reptiles are fearful for human beings so we hope that they will not be seen on the surface again if some scientists or technologies don’t try to produce them with DNA. 

Yes, dinosaurs may be disappearing day by day but some fossils, petrified bones, and chickens are still there and we would make it a source of fun not to be afraid of anyone. The dinosaur puns can be related to history. So the dinosaur puns and jokes are gathered to refer to them with history. 

Like other reptiles, The dinosaurs have varieties such as some are small, some are gigantic, some flies and some live in the water and a large number of dinosaurs live on the earth. The experts say that our earth has given place to more than 400 different species of dinosaurs and so on. 

We are not here to scare anyone in fact we will make sure to make those laugh who always shrivel on the name of dinosaurs 

Funny Dinosaur Puns: Queries 

What do we call the slowest dinosaur?

There was a tyrannosaurus that was the slowest and then he got the name Tywalkosource. 

What is the discovery inhabited by scientists in East Asia?

A Newly inhabited dinosaur species in east Asia is called Taiwanasourous Rex. 

Did you know a dinosaur survived and now it is found in the farmer’s field?

Yes, it is T-rac-tor. 

What’s the theory behind dinosaur death?

A dinosaur died because of rotten eggs. It was a mass-egg-stink-tion.

What would we call those who can not stop coughing?

He must be a Cranchitisourus. 

Why can’t dinosaurs go on Boating?

Because they cause many ship rex. 

How would you refer to a dinosaur with a good vocabulary?

He would be the thesaurus. 

Which one of the dinosaurs likes curry?

Mega-Sour-Ass likes curry. 

Can a dinosaur sing?

Yes, A Tyranno-Chrus can sing. 

How would you refer to the dog of a dinosaur with one eye?

He would be a saurus-rex.

What if any dinosaur has sleep apnea?

He would be Dino-Snores.

Does the child like playing with dinosaurs?

Yes, he would love playing with Toys-’R-Us.

How would you inform others when a dinosaur met an accident?

Sadly, a Tyrannosaurus wreck.

Which Dinosaur is the scariest one?

A Scaredectyl is the ghost of a dinosaur. 

How did the dinosaur talk to the cashier?

He told them to stop the climate change.

Do the dinosaurs fart?

Yes, they are referred to as an extinktion. 

Is the teenage dinosaur moody?

Yes, because he is a ROARmones.

Dinosaur Puns: One Liner 

  • The dinosaur clown gets a job as a carnivore.
  • A T-Rex would cut his wood with Dino-saw.
  • Don’t fight with T-rex, it will jurasskick.
  • I wish you a Dino-Mite birthday.
  • A Payrex would be called a glass dinosaur
  • A dynamite is an exploding dinosaur.


We all know that animals and especially the reptiles have been scary and fearful for humanity. But here we have given a new twist to these creatures and that is jokes and puns that always make people laugh so when you leave our website you will not be scared of dinosaurs even you will learn to laugh on them. 

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