5 Skeleton Puns. You Can’t Control Laugh

5 Skeleton Puns. You Can’t Control Laugh. We discuss almost all the elements and aspects of life and how they can be a source of humor and entertainment. Making things laughable to anyone is an art. Today, we will talk about the unexpected and strange thing about humans and that is skeleton jokes. Yes, you may have never thought about using the skeletons in a humorous way. But giving them a turn is our thing so get ready to laugh while watching the skeletons in the museum and even in your dreams. 

According to the research, a human body has almost 270 bones in the body at birth, but with the passage of time, the bones get down to 206. what’s the reason behind this mystery? It is because many of our bones merge with time. Further talking about its origin, it is stated that it comes from the Greek language’s word “ Skeletos’ ‘ which means dried up. 

Dispite of Bones, the skeleton jokes are great for Halloween. We have come up with a collection of skeleton jokes for all ages, like adults, kids, youngsters, and so on. Choose the funny bone for you. 5 Skeleton Puns

5 Skeleton Puns & Jokes: Liners 

  • The skeleton also loves greenery and their favorite tree is “ Bone-sai-tree “
  • The skeletons avoid eating spicy food because they don’t have the stomach to digest it.
  • Does the skeleton sing songs? Yes, Bon Jovi is the famous one.
  • The skeleton runs fast and fast & climbs on the tree because a dog is chasing him and wants his bones to eat. 
  • When anyone of the skeleton makes a mistake, others call him a bonehead.
  • The skeleton passed out on the road just to get to the body shop.
  • The skeletons love drinking milk because it is good for their bone growth.
  • The skeletons are so relaxed by nature because they can not take anything under their skin.
  • Skeletons are unable to dance because they don’t have partners.
  • The skeleton, who sits idle and goes to work late, is called lazy bone.
  • The student skeleton stays late in school because they always bone up for the exams.
  • The skeletons can never be arrested because the police can not pin anything on them.

5 Skeleton jokes: Questionnaires 

Why are skeletons fond of hoteling?

Because they like eating spare ribs for dinner.

Where did the skeleton save their money?

They have a great place for it. In Crypt-o-market.

What’s the statement the skeleton gives when they are angry?

I have got a bone to pick with you.

What to do to make the skeleton laugh so hard?

Just tickle his funny bone. 

What kind of drawings can the skeleton make the best?

They are very experienced in making sculptures. 

What’s the favorite place of skeletons to visit?

They love going to museums. 

Why was the skeleton found at the hockey game?

He was driving the Zam-boney.

How would we refer to someone who has no friends?

He is bonely. 

What is the source of the letter sending for skeletons?

They use bony express. 

What is the favorite toy of a kid skeleton?

He loves his deady bear.

What’s the favorite instrument of the skeletons?

The trombone. 

How do skeletons contact their loved ones?

They use telebone for this. 

Who is the best detective for skeletons in the world?

Sherlock’s bones. 

What type of gifts does the skeleton exchange?

Bone-bones heart shaped box. 

How does the skeleton propose to his wife?

Love all the bones in your body.

Why do skeletons use mobile phones?

They take selfies 


We hope that skeleton jokes and puns can be much more enjoyable. So if you want to enjoy more about the different elements of life. The skeletons are great fun so don’t be scared of them just laugh at them think about what you read here and keep visiting here. 5 Skeleton Puns

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