Bob And Tom Parrot Joke: A Real Story 

Bob And Tom Parrot Joke. In this world of depression and anxiety, everyone needs some space for laughters and happiness. So, there are many aspects that can encourage them to not to sop and that can distract their attention from the sorrows and tensions. Bob And Tom Parrot Joke stands in the list that have never failed to get laughters.

It is said that jokes sounds jokes just in the first time but when it is about Bob And Tom Parrot Joke, it has been retold countless times over the years. But no one can answer why they are so popular and what its origin is. If you are also confused, here we will talk about the Bob And Tom Parrot Joke history.

Bob And Tom Parrot Joke: Origin 

Bob & Tom Joke are worldwide since 1980s, it was first introduced on the popular radio show “ the Bob & Tom Show “.

The joke is about the man who went to a pet store and ask for the parrots for sale from the owner. The Shop onwer said that they have two parrots for sale but they just speak one word “ Hello, we are Prostitutes, do you want to have fun? “. the buyers was shocked and asked the owner to help this problem. The owner assures he will do something and the man left the shop.

After few days, the man incidentally walked out from the pet shop, and see that the parrots are saying the same thing and still there. He again asked the owner about this problem, in return he said he is helpless to train the parrots to stop them to say those statement. The man decides to do something in this case so he bought both the parrots and brought them to home. 

On the next day, the man came back with the parrots in a tow the owner was shocked what he has done with those parrots. The man happily said that he has taught something new to the patriots. They would now say “ Hello, We are preaches, do you want to hear the word of God? This was unexpected for the owner and he was impressed as well. He asked him how could he do that? The man replied: it was a very difficult task as first he taught them how to pray, then I taught them to read the bible and at least they get to know how to speak in public. 

Bob And Tom Parrot Joke: Very Funny 

Now the question raised that why Bob And Tom Parrot Joke are so funny and popular in the world of entertainment. The idea of the joke is about the parrots who speaks something offensive in a humorous way. Especially when someone tries to correct the situation forcefully. At the end, the joke ends with a clever twist ending just like the man’s situation with the parrots that was totally unexpected and satisfying at the same time.. 

The reason behind the popularity of the Bob and Tom parrot joke is that it experiences the human nature and reaction on certain situation. Like the frustration of dealing with those things that are not ready to behave like you want them to. It is not only about the pets/parrots but it can be a stubborn child, unstable products, crashed appliances or it can be about the human feelings when a person feels helpless in any situation and it doesn’t go right. 


The Bob and Tom parrot joke has a great history in the comic world. No one is tired to listen the jokes again and again, it is the big hit/blockbuster of the comedy industry from so long. It is gaining more and more reputation and love from all over the world day by day. It’s relation with the human nature make it more loveable and understandable to the people. 

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