Asian Jokes: Use Them During Your Talk With Asians 

Asian Jokes

Asian Jokes. Everyone has individualities that can be judged by the way they live or speak. People have specialties based on their interests and humor. So well the Asians who are famous for their jokes. Yes, Asian jokes are worldwide and everyone enjoys it. The Koreans are famous for smoking weed all day. The japanese men and women are much age conscious and show the 75 years person talking like he is 13 years old, it is much weird. Right? Vietnamese people always speak like they are fond of cocaine. In short these cultural differences are enough to show to what region, nationality, or era they belong. 

Here we are not promoting any religion, caste of racial discrimination, or anything alike. Our purpose is to laugh and to make others laugh as well. 

Funny Asian Question Jokes

Is there any stereotype you hear the most?

Yes, the asians love hearing Sony surround sound systems. 

Where does the Asian neckbeard belong?

Their origin is M’laysia.

Is there any idea to judge whether your wife is racist or not?

Yes, judge the way she reacts when you bring a girlfriend.

What is the reaction of Asian parents when their son informs them that they are asexual?

They would be worried because their son is not A+sextual.

How can we refer to Asian Chihuahuas?

For this, we can use the term konichuhuahua. 

What do you think when a woman calls you to eat Southeast Asian food at her house?

We can say that a hostess with samosas is inviting us to her home.

How can you refer to a rich Asian?

He would be a Cha-ching.

Name the insects the Asians are are afraid of.


The ladies are also using asian jokes and puns. One day, she generally talked about secure or Unsecure people. She said, Asians are the most safest people in the world. A person in the gathering replied: the Asian gangs also exist. 

What is the best way to blindfold an Asian woman?

Put a windshield in her sight. 

Is there any Asian Girl whose last name is China?

She is not at fault, it was her made in name.

What did the police say when a group of Asian men robbed a house?

It is clearly the case of Chinese takeAway.

People love talking to Asians because of their humorous nature. They believe in laughing together and leaving no place for depression and sadness. In this world of tensions, these gatherings matter the most to bring joy and laughter in life. If you also want to be part of any Asian gathering and looking for the asian jokes and puns, this would be the best place you find it. 

Asian Jokes & Puns 

  • When a criminal stops an Asian from defecating, he calls it con-stop-Asians.
  • The asians and Americans both love hot dogs.
  • Thai was the winner of an Asian cooking contest
  • When an Asian country tries to conquer the other one, it would be An invasion. 
  • Asians are not good at driving. Pearl Harbor may have been an accident. 
  • A woman has a longer leg than others, she must be an Irene. 
  • A son asked his mum about the term “ An apple in a day keeps the doctor away “ . Mom replied to the son “My dear son, it means if you play games on your apple for a whole day, you would stay away from the Ph.D. degree.
  • The beginner chef cooks just Asian food because they believe in walking before running. 


Asian jokes and puns are loveable to everyone around the world. People search for various Asian puns and jokes before joining them because of their good humor. Are you the one, so join us for all the latest updates about the Asian Jokes and puns. 

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