9 best Hitler Jokes famous All the Time

9 best Hitler Jokes famous All the Time. Who doesn’t know about Adolf Hitler? But the name refers to an aggressive and rude personality but it is not the reality. Because Hitler’s jokes are famous, making him the most popular comedian of all time. He cracked jokes on almost 5 million people and also roasted them. So, who can resist cracking the joke so in this way, many people laughed at Adolf Hitler as well. In the list, there are a lot of people who are controversial and will compel you to say something funny about them in reaction. 

One should understand the difference between fun and sarcasm. Because, funny talk can make people smile, conversely, sarcastic statements can also hurt people as if they hit them personally. In some cases, mocking can work against you and people find a source of protest against them. For example, Charlie Chaplin’s play “ The Great Dictator “ is considered to be the ironic play that provoked Hitler and Fascism during World War II.

Today, we will look at some of the Hitler Jokes that can make anyone laugh. Let’s talk about some of the prompted Hitler’s jokes.

What did they refer to Hitler when he went swimming?

People made fun of his name as well, such as they call him Adolf when he goes swimming. 

9 best Hitler Jokes famous All the Time

What was Hitler’s favorite gameplay?

His favorite game was Mein Kraft, and people assumed it from his famous dialogue “ Mein Kempfert Zone “.

History has reserved some portion for Hitler’s Jokes. Let’s get back to 1941, it is the story of a young German boy, named Hans, who was listening to the radio. During that, he heard the news from Hitler that Germany is going to be involved in a war with the United States soon. 

Hans asked his father, where is the United States? His father told him the directions with the map of North America. The boy got confused and asked his father, are not we still at war with Russia, where is that? 

9 best Hitler Jokes famous All the Time

His father directed toward the soviet union. 

The questions of the young boy were not ending and kept on asking that. I was told that you are still at war with the British Empire. Where is that? 

The father gave him a detailed answer about all the British Territories they owned. 

He asked the common question to his father, where is Germany?

He patiently pointed toward their home country in central Europe. 

Then, Hans reviewed all the answers of his father and asked the last question and that is, has Hitler Seen the map?

A story of a man in Moscow also relates to Hitler’s joke. A man in Moscow, yelling in the street, says that “ I am tired of this guy because he has a silly mustache and stupid rules for being a leader!

A soldier came to know his voice and caught him and brought him to Stalin. He asked the man the reason for his yelling. What do you think about when you yell in the street?

The man honestly replied that “ I was thinking about Hitler for sure “.

On hearing his answer, Stalin let the person go and then stopped the soldier and asked him a question: what are you thinking about? 

Hitler has his own interests, so one day he went to a fortune teller, and the first thing he asked about is his life, and when is it going to end.

The fortune teller thoroughly replied that you will die on a Jewish day. He was shocked by her answer and asked, how can you say that with so much surety? 

She replied that, when you die, it will be a Jewish holiday. 


Hitler’s jokes got much fame around the world. People also got jealous of his popularity and fame. But it should be kept in mind that jokes are made to make the audience laugh and should not be in a sarcastic way and never hurt anyone. The lines for respect must never be crossed. Personal attacks must be prohibited. Hitler Jokes

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