32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh. 

32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh. Disney animations and movies, doubtlessly, have played a big role in all of our childhoods. The magical experiences we had, inspired us to reach for the stars, the morals in each story helped us to shape ourselves to make us good citizens and the fun in them kept us entertained for hours.

If you agree with us, you have opened exactly the right article, for this is our list of the best Disney jokes that will surely make your day at least a little bit brighter. If you are looking for some Disney humors in your life, turn to these funny and silly Disney Jokes to entertain your kids and have some fun! The best thing about these Disney jokes is that they are ideal for kids and grown-ups as well, so everyone can have quality time together.  

Disney Jokes; That Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs! Questioners’ 

Which Disney princess would make the best judge?

Snow white, because she is the fairest of them all! 

How does Mickey feel when Minnie is mad at him? 


Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?

Because Donald Ducked. 

Who’s the funniest Disney princess?


How does Darth Vader greet visitors to Disneyland?

“Welcome to the dark side.” 

What is Mickey Mouse’s favourite game?

Hide and Squeak. 

Why is Gaston the most peaceful Disney villain? 

Because he won the No-Belle Prize. 

32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh

Why did Mickey Mouse become an Astronaut?

So he could visit Pluto. 

What did Snow white say when her photos weren’t ready yet?

Someday my prints will come. 

Why is Peter Pan flying all the time?

He never-lands. 

What does the rapper Lil Jon say when he visits Disneyland?

Turn down to wait! 

What is Grumpy favourite’s fruit?

Sour grapes. 

What’s the name that Snow White would call her chicken?

Egg white. 

What sport is Mickey Mouse’s favourite?

Minnie golf. 

Which car does Minnie driver?

Minnie Van. 

Where does Elsa Keep her money?

In a snowbank. 

What Disney character likes to fix things?


Where do Tarzan and their friends shop?

The Jungle sales. 

Why can’t you trust Scar?

Because he is a lion. 

What does Mickey’s wife drive?

Minnie Cooper. 

What kind of nachos do Disney fans love to eat?

Moana-chos. 32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh

Why is Cinderella soccer?

She keeps running away from the ball. 

Why should you not give Elsa a balloon? 

Because she will let it go. 

What did Mickey Mouse say to the doctor when he hurt his leg?

He said, “Disney hurts.” 

Where do Disney characters like to eat?

Mickey D’s. 

What is Mickey’s favourite treat? 

Mice cream. 

What’s the opposite of Disney?

Dat knee. 

32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh

Why was the wrong Disney princess arrested? 

The police thought she was Elsa. 

Why did the cookie go to see Doc McStuffins?

Because it was feeling crummy. 

What does MGM stand for?

Mickey’s got money. 

Where does Captain Hook go to get his hook replaced?

The second-hand store. 

Disney Jokes; Funny And Entertaining! One Liner’ 

  • The Disney Ducks are early risers, Donald and Daisy wake at the Quack of dawn.
  • I just had an encounter with the God of mischief. It was Loki Terrifying. 
  • A rodent just ran through my kitchen. I got him with my Mickey Mouse Club. 
  • I auditioned for the role of Mickey Mouse but I didn’t get the part. The director said I was too Goofy. 
  • A Disney princess was arrested by mistake. They thought it was someone Else. 
  • I saw a giant mouse so I tried to hit it. I now have a lifetime ban from Disneyland. 
  • Cinderella is proof that, new pair of shoes can change your life. 


After reading through all these hilarious jokes about Disney, we hope you had a good laugh. In this article, you will find the Best Disney Jokes that you and your family will love! Keep reading and keep Laughing! 32 Disney Jokes; That Will Give You A Hilarious Laugh


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